LSL MANTIS-RS Universal License Plate Holder Type 8 (Code: 280-208H)

HIGHSIDER AKRON-RS universal license plate holder

You can't find a model-specific license plate holder for your motorcycle?
Then you will definitely find what you are looking for with the universal HIGHSIDER license plate holder HIGHSIDER AKRON-RS.

Because of the variety of different designs is certainly one that fits your bike.

The license plate is made of sheet steel and 2 mm thick. The precise cutting is done by laser. After edging, the weather-resistant black powder coating is applied.
Through the stepless adjustment you can bring the plate without drilling in the desired position. An additional locking screw ensures that the plate remains in the position you have chosen.

To prevent damage to cables, all sharp-edged feedthroughs are protected by a rubber membrane grommet.

The turn signal brackets of the HIGHSIDER AKRON-RS are adjustable in width and therefore suitable for any type of accessory turn signal. This adjustment option allows you to adjust the position for your turn signals to the most different license plates. To allow mounting the turn signals without disconnecting them from the wiring harness, the 10 mm holes are slotted to the side.

You can also adjust the position of the reflector individually via a slider. An adaptation to the different designs of the EU license plates is therefore no problem.

To screw the license plate securely and reduce vibration, two rubber washers are included. Another rubber buffer supports the license plate on its underside.

- bracket available in many different designs
- infinitely adjustable turn signal holder
- slotted turn signal holder for easy mounting without cable separation
- infinitely adjustable reflector, E-approved
- suitable for European license plates
- infinitely adjustable tilt angle
- additional screw for optimum position security
- easy fixation without further work steps (eg.B. Drilling)
- easy mounting of the license plate through slotted holes

The scope of delivery of the HIGHSIDER AKRON-RS includes:
- Selected bracket with mounting parts
- HIGHSIDER AKRON-RS license plate mounting plate
- Adjustable turn signal brackets
- E-tested reflector with adjustable bracket
- Mounting instructions

- For the original turn signals is optionally available in the accessories special turn signal holder.
- If your original number plate holder has reflectors fitted to the side, these must be refitted in a suitable position or replaced with new ones.

Manufacturer: LSL
Price: 59.95 EUR
Incl. 19 % TAX plus shipping
Delivery time: 2 - 5 days
Copyright MAXXmarketing GmbH
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